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Tresor Hunting in Berlin with IWC Replica Watches and Kaia Gerber

A Duet of Limited Editions

IWC Replica Watches unveiled the Tresor at Baselworld. Timepieces have already started arriving in boutiques. But IWC Replica Watches did not disappoint. They also unveiled two limited editions to show off some of the potential future possibilities.

This first dial features a metiers d’art dial with aventurine as the base. Most aventurine dials are made from aventurine glass blocks and decorated with numerals. However, IWC Replica Watches's creative team decided to try out aventurine powder grinding and use it as enamel. The patent-pending process begins with a base of gold, which has the Roman numerals pre-machined in relief. Next, four to five layers are applied to the enamel aventurine. After each layer of enamel,IWC Replica Watches the dial is fired at around 1000oC and polished. This technique has the advantage that the numerals can be flush with the dial.

The case for the aventurine Tresor is made in IWC Replica Watches's Canopus gold, another brand's proprietary alloys that has increased brightness, whiteness, and longevity due to its mixture of gold, palladium and platinum.

Tresor's second limited edition features a mother-of pearl dial. It has been removed from the center of the shell. Because of the fragility of mother-of-pearl, it is difficult to cut out numerals. This disc is then placed on top of the dial's base with the raised Roman numerals. This allows the Roman numerals of the dial to be set with diamonds.

Tresor owners will also be able to customize the look of their watches by using a new dial animation featuring a deep burgundy dial with matching alligator strap. You can choose from plated lamb skin or alligator with satin touchIWC fake Watches This gives the timepiece a completely different look.

Return to the Race

Revolution's Instagram followers have helped make the answers more clear. The password so far spells "MIRRO", and it is starting to look like the answers are coming together. Kaia Gerber,Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches the Tresor Collection's ambassador, is our special guest at lunch.

Kaia Crawford is Kaia's mother, Cindy Crawford. Kaia has been attending IWC Replica Watches events since childhood. She was first present at the Beijing Olympics. Later she attended the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. She is now an official member of the IWC Replica Watches family. She is only 16 years old and already a well-known model, influencer, and has participated in many catwalk shows. While continuing her online studies, she continues to be a popular model. We are delighted that Kaia has joined the IWC Replica Watches family. Tresor could not be more beautiful. Aeschlimann shares that her career is just beginning and she already displays an amazing level of happiness and maturity in the face so much international attention."

She looks relaxed and at ease in IWC Replica Watches World, despite the fact that there were many journalists asking questions. She says, "Like many young women my age,cartier replica watches I love the vintage look." "IWC Replica Watches's new watches are classic in style but have very modern, cool touches. While I have the opportunity to wear many beautiful clothes as a model, I am most comfortable in jeans or sneakers. What I love about these watches though is their ability to go with both.

Kaia Gerber, IWC Replica Watches's new ambassador is the Tresor Collection's face and face.

Open Sesame

The last clue was cleverly stuck to the mirror in the bathroom, asking for the last letter of IWC Replica Watches's name to complete the word. My mission accomplished, I am now armed with the password "mirror" as well as a gorgeous 39mm stainless steel Tresor watch with white dial and gold Roman numerals. This is not a gift to help me solve the treasure hunt. All that is left is to enjoy IWC Replica Watches’s gracious hospitality, which I must say is truly treasured!

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