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Cornerstone Church Bridlington

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These are the missions we support prayerfully and financially

Caring For Life is a registered Christian charity (registration no. 519138) with the aim of sharing the love of Jesus with homeless or vulnerable people by providing accommodation, ongoing support, love and friendship, and when necessary, providing that care 'for life'! Such care enables people to develop dignity and self-respect. Our motto is simple, "Sharing the Love of Jesus."                      

To find out more about Caring for Life click Here

Serving In Mission is a community of God's people committed to Biblical truth and passionate about sharing the gospel worldwide. We are the UK branch of SIM, an international organisation with more than 4,000 mission workers serving in more than 70 countries. Our members serve God among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

Charity No 219763. To find out more about SIM click Here

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a Christian mission organisation with a vision to see 'isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ's name.' Our pilots and personnel deliver relief workers, doctors, pastors, school books, food, medicines

A MAF plane is taking off or landing every four minutes, the need is huge. We support this work by giving and praying to make this all possible. MAF UK registered charity No 1064598 (England).

To find out more about MAF click Here

The Christian Institute exists for “the furtherance and promotion of the Christian religion in the United Kingdom” and “the advancement of education”. The Christian Institute is a nondenominational Christian charity committed to upholding the truths of the Bible. We believe that the Bible is the supreme authority for all of life and we hold to the inerrancy of Scripture. Charity No 2634440

To find out more about Christian Institute click Here